UR Chatbot


Proud project that make us stand out

Business wants to build a chat bot that can help them with the customer support along with many of the internal tasks, where team needs help with their daily needs on going bases.

In other terms it was two sperate chat bots, one is internal facing for employees and second one is mainly external facing for client/customers.

The issue

The issue that company was facing that a lot of customers have similar kind of questions any time they called the customer support and business want to train the chatbot with these questions and cut as many of these calls possible to save time for customer support team. This would enable the customer support team not just focus what matters the most but also improve their performance.


Second version of the bot where employees was having trouble in finding the information that needed. Being an engineering company and having a lot of manuals and support documents. It was not easy to dig down and find simple and easy tasks information for the employees.


So, the company have a chat bot where employees can quickly ask what they need and the bot provide them quickly and the most relevant piece of information that the individual is looking for. E.g. “How to reboot the player on a digital signage screen?”

Link to Chatbot application: