Virtual Reality

An Innovation Causing Disruption of Modernism

A three-dimensional artificial environment that can be interacted with specialized electronic equipment creating a sensual experience is termed Virtual Reality. Whereas, interactive experience with the real world by enhancing the image with computer-generated perceptual tools is known as Augmented Reality.

Varfix is combining both the forces together to deploy a sensual AR/VR environment that offers an exceptional experience to the client. Both are unique technologies that introduce a sense of simulation, converting imagination into a reality.

Services setting us apart

Immersive, synergetic, and visionary experiences are the leading game changers creating a disruption of innovation in the world of today. Augmented reality and virtual reality are crafting a new future of the businesses, improving their customer experience while reducing cost and enhancing the overall productivity. At Varfix we are using a well-balanced set of modern technologies to create smart and efficient solutions that help organizations stand out in the competition. Our AR/VR services include:

Application Development

Our experts at Varfix are developing robust AR/VR applications for multiple purposes. From educational institutions to medical consumers, we are providing application development services to all. While using a cost-effective model, we offer ingenious 3D animations and content visualization services.

AR/VR Workshop

The aim of the AR/VR workshop at Varfix is to introduce the benefits of technological adoption and sharing the perks of early tech embrace. Through the workshop, we educate the clients on understanding the concept and how the utilization of the AR/VR tech can be effective for the business.

3D Modeling

When it comes to branding and corporate vision, Varfix provides exclusive AR/VR services. With our 3D modeling, businesses can create attention-grabbing content, produce ravishing animations, and induce special effects in their projects. Our hardware rental also offers ready workstations and a head-mounted display service.

Data Preparation

Our experts understand the importance of meaningful insight and data for businesses. Therefore, we ensure that the AR/VR services are able to improve the overall experience of the business and its customers through optimized data. Varfix provides its clients with helpful prepared data for convenience.

Event Support

Varfix AR/VR supports and manages the events for small and medium-sized business and enterprise-level clients by providing the hardware, head-mounted display, and sensor support. Our team of experts provides professional assistance to the businesses helping them in improving their customer experience.

Front-End Development

Every business has its unique requirements and demands because their customer database is different. For this reason, they dream of solutions that can distinctively cater to their target audience. At Varfix, we maximize the customer AR/VR experience by understanding their requirements before deploying the front-end development tool.

360 Video Capture

In the world where digital transformation is everything, keeping pace with the technological curve is not easy. Varfix understands the importance of 360 video capture innovation for businesses. Therefore we are developing smartphone applications that can capture and manage 360 videos from the events for enhanced user experience.


Varfix brings into the visualization of what is in the clients’ mind. We appreciate the dream and imaginative power of our clients and give importance to their desires. Using the latest software and AR/VR technology, our experts are creating engaging and attractive visuals as per the demand of the clients.

AR Configuration

We work in assistance with the many applications that belong to augmented reality. The increase in the consumption of smart devices by the public has amplified the demand for innovation and smarter solutions. Hence, we are producing results in the ever-improving AR sector and creating awareness for the end-user.

Our expertise

Several technologies are being used for augmented and virtual application development, which include: ARToolKit, OpenCV, ARKit, EasyAR, Vuforia, Wikitude, etc. Our team of competent professionals can custom develop a framework that suits your business needs. Our expertise includes:

Specialized Application Evolution

Virtual Interior Remodeling

Realistic Gaming Experience

Magical Visual Effects

we cater

We are a digital transforming company helping organizations in streamlining their businesses with powerful AI solutions. Varfix is catering to multiple businesses in the vertical, providing them with robust solutions to survive in the saturated market.

Our commitment & guarantee

Work smarter with Varfix to create an inspirational augmented reality and virtual reality applications to heighten your sales by harnessing the power of enhanced customer experience. With our cost-effective solutions, fill your dreams with colors.

High Graphic Quality

Varfix promises to create implausible AR/VR products, AR/VR apps, and interaction. Our unique capability is the presentation of the visualized content in high graphic quality.

User-Friendly Interface

With high graphical quality application development, we produce a user-friendly interface creating virtual reality in a way that eludes the clients of reality.

Improved Content Interaction

If you want to improve the viewability and presentation of your content by empowering the marketing drives through the deployment of AR/VR services, Varfix has much to offer.

Deliver Value Service

With our value service, get whatever you want. We develop core AR/VR service and integrate it with the already existing system smartly.

Intellectual Cross-Platform Integration

We create augmented and virtual industrial use applications that can be easily integrated across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows systems.

Interactive Touch Points

We craft interactive points of interest that efficiently display digital information such as size, place, and time on real objects.

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