Big Data

Transform the Future of Your Business with Analytical Infrastructure in Data-Driven World

With the staggering volume of data, it is becoming a monumental challenge to extract useful and meaningful insights that can help businesses gain a competitive edge over their competitors. With Varfix, curate the data, store it, and derive authentic information that can lead to a path of success. Businesses have heaps of data and we have expert data scientists who can unlock the hidden potential with big data. We offer strategic guidance that leverages the accumulation of raw data nurturing it for the advantage of businesses.

Services setting us apart

There are three main V’s when it comes to big data engineering capabilities – volume, velocity, and variety. Businesses have an ample amount of data being received at a fast pace that has to be analyzed and manipulated by extracting meaningful insights. Varfix big data experts are serving the SMEs and enterprises by unveiling the complex data and harnessing its power in their business operations.

Big Data Consultation

Varfix offers a consultation service that comprises preparation of the data, outrank the competitors, and unveiling business opportunities. With our big data consultation services, we help businesses reduce excessive coding, guide in integration services, and provide customized code that has proven results with the big data ecosystem.

Big Data Analytics

We undergo exploratory and descriptive analysis of big data for the creation of business models and checking the validity through the analytics. With our insightful data analytics, we help businesses in making timely and instant actions that can be easily integrated with any leading data source.

Big Data Solution

Varfix expert engineers simplify the big data and analyze it and harness it for fixing complex data issues and also build custom algorithms. With our modified and state-of-the-art big data solutions, the business can unleash their full potential and gain a competitive edge against their business rivals.

Real-Time Prediction

Varfix provides exclusive data mining solutions that are combined with real-time statistical analysis and automated ML algorithms that help the clients in uncovering crucial data for their success. With our real-time predictive analysis, we offer quicker responses, assisting businesses in taking decisions at an accurate time.

Big Data Batch Processing

Experts at Varfix manages the loads of unprocessed data that otherwise is difficult to handle. It initiates the collection of data followed by processing it and terminating at drawing the result. We provide full scalable batch processing services with real-time stream processing executing every slice of data with precision.

Data-Driven Logistics

Varfix manages the organizational geospatial data in real-time and provides an opportunity for improvement in the supply management chain due to the increased capabilities caused by the data-driven from the big data. Our specialized data scientists ensure services that help businesses in growing and expanding using insightful data.

Our expertise

With years of experience in delivering successful projects and helping businesses in excavating and reinventing themselves with insightful data, Varfix is constantly developing hi-tech technologies to eliminate organizational challenges for all. We are motivating businesses to resolve their complex problems and build strategic solutions for success.

Data Visualization

At Varfix, we are providing expert solutions to deliver robust services that allow the clients to add an extra dimension to their business. With crucial statistical data presented cohesively, we provide data analysis and data visualization solutions that expertly create dashboards, interactive presentations, and reports, etc.

Optimized Data Warehouses

Businesses are always staggering under the humongous volume of data, therefore, Varfix with the help of big data can restructure the data warehouses that handle the ample amount of data, analyze it, and create pathways to authenticate them for better decision making processes.

Creation of Data Lakes

Traditional data warehouses usually store the data in a separate file or a folder. But the data lake having a flat architectural design can hold a collection of data in a single repository without compromising the data. With our system businesses can easily identify the required data and instantly recover it.

we cater

We are a digital transforming company helping organizations in streamlining their businesses with powerful AI solutions. Varfix is catering to multiple businesses in the vertical, providing them with robust solutions to survive in the saturated market.

Our commitment & guarantee

Either you are looking to integrate your data into an analytical ready system or desire to build a scalable big data solution from the scratch, Varfix got your covered. Our engineers will help you in maximizing the return on investment with convenience.

Seamless Integration

Varfix integrates the system, data, and processes it across the IT ecosystem into a manageable storage tower allowing businesses to take decisions with accuracy.

Enterprise-Grade Data Governance

Our experts make sure that the data is complete, clean, and without duplicates. We have proactive governance rules and quality verification to meet security standards.

Big Data Support

We provide continuous support throughout by delivering and analyzing relevant information completing the process until a decision is made and tested.

Big Data Solutions

Varfix provides prodigious solutions to the business challenges from the big data cleansing and information extraction in real-time.


We ensure the best decision for your business by monitoring and critically visualizing the data analytics from the big data in actual time.

Data Processing Lifecycle

With Varfix, get your data processed in a cyclic way to make considerable decisions for your business survival and success.

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