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The chatbot is a new communication paradigm that automates conversations with customers without human interference. The AI-powered conversational bots have now expanded the horizons for businesses and the future. At Varfix, our chatbots can help in business automation as well as performance analysis, leading to enhanced customer experience and boost in sales.

Services setting us apart

Developers at Varfix are working round the clock to develop ingenious virtual assistants who can facilitate enterprises and SME businesses. These conversational bots not only improve response rate but also reduce overall staff support costs. We are providing real-time stats, automated services along with rich insights through customized chatbot solutions. We are offering the following authentic services for conversational applications:

Customized Chatbot Development

Varfix is committed to providing exclusive solutions to multiple business verticals catering to different industries. Every niche has its own competitors and therefore requires a unique set of differentiation to highlight themselves. With our highly trained experts, we design customized chatbots as per the needs of every business and domain.

Thorough Implementation Experience

Being a leading chatbot development company, we are delivering chatbots across multiple frameworks that have practical implementations. Before integrating and deploying the conversational bot, our experts make sure the design is competitive and operational in all stances.

Integration with ERP Systems

Our chatbots are easier to deploy and can conveniently integrate with any existing backend system. Our robust APIs make the integration seamless and hassle-free. We use enterprise-level ERP systems that are fully equipped with analytical capabilities. Our chatbots also offer actionable business insights that help in the business process.

Designing & Architecture

The interface designed by Varfix is able to drive phenomenal conversations by combining Natural Language Interfaces with the traditional user interface elements. Our intuitive design replicates the touch of human conversation. While understanding the architecture of the chatbot, we work with essential open-source platforms that facilitate the overall process.

Chatbot Analysis & Testing

Our team of professionals always analyzes the value of the brand before jumping to the developmental phase. We identify the most impeccable features necessary for the development of the bot that can deliver the required customer support. We use Dimon, Zypnos, TestyourBot, etc. for our thorough manual and automated testing.

Resilient Working Framework

Varfix is committed to converting website visitors into long-term fruitful customers. With our custom conversational artificially intelligent chatbots, businesses can speed up customer resolution. Our chatbots are designed effectively for a swift prompt automated response, satisfying and solving all the queries of your customers.


Our seamless automated multimedia messages build a sense of trust among the customers. The chatbot directly engages with a motto of customer retention and deals with their queries in a professional tone.


Varfix chatbots are AI-powered and they swiftly collect the required information and produce an automated response with relevant data. Our bots deeply understand and analyze the query before responding.


Our custom bots keep on delivering responses until the customer is satisfied. In some places where human intervention is necessary, the bots quickly recommend the customer care team to resolve the concern.

we cater

We are a digital transforming company helping organizations in streamlining their businesses with powerful AI solutions. Varfix is catering to multiple businesses in the vertical, providing them with robust solutions to survive in the saturated market.

Our commitment & guarantee

Now is the time to integrate the powerful AI-powered chatbots in your business to leap ahead of your competitors. It can not only reduce the cost but also benefit in customer retention and flexible services.

Agent Take Over

Chatbots designed by Varfix allow your agents to take over the automated response in case of personalized queries that require in-depth information.

Omnichannel Deployment

Either it is a desktop or Android or iOS device, our chatbots are omnichannel and deployed to cater to multiple platforms with convenience.

Off-hour Support

Businesses that tend to respond quicker gain better. Hence with Varfix chatbots, cater to your business requirements with 24/7 automated response service.

Greeting Messages

We offer a unique feature where our chatbot attracts the visitor with an auto-generated greeting message as soon as they land on the page.

Personalized Experience

A personalized message helps in building trust and generates more leads, therefore, Varfix chatbots provide messages that can help business in customer retention.

Improved Conversion Rate

Varfix knows how to convert a visitor into a customer through their engaging and swift responding chatbots that interact with their customers.

Multilingual Capabilities

With multilingual capabilities, chatbots designed by us are able to communicate with customers in their native language.

Combat Customer Churns

Our automated chatbots can help the customers in reporting their concerns while providing them with a satisfactory solution.

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