Natural Language Processing

Modern algorithms for human-machine interaction

Natural Language Processing unleashes the true potential of data and helps businesses in gaining a competitive edge. It is a modern solution that allows manipulation of human language, making communication effortless with AI and conversational technologies.

Varfix Natural Language Processing services combine linguistic and statistical algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to build a robust system competent in analysis, reporting, and communicating in natural language.

Services setting us apart

Varfix offers enterprise-level data analysis and advanced machine learning solutions that effectively smoothens the operations of your business. With NLP the businesses can conveniently analyze text, recognize the pattern, normalize text and automate automated text tagging. We are bridging the gap of communication between humans and machines with real-time insights and analysis. We make your machines understand words, sentences as well as sentiments. Our unique services include:

Data Handling

Varfix provides AI-driven Natural Language Processing services that collect and manage the data obtained through various sources. Either the data is structured or unstructured, high-quality data ensures premium results. We provide targeted data extraction for the businesses that handle the information as per consumer needs.

AI-Powered Chatbot

The AI-enabled chatbots designed by Varfix use the NLP algorithm to answer the queries in a humanly way while offering phenomenal customer support. With our services, the businesses can enjoy a swift communication system and responsive and effective algorithms that leaves a significant influence over their customers.

Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment analysis allows machines to understand every complex emotion and language by identifying the true intent. We provide precise results using sentiment analysis tools that help businesses during their decision-making process. Experts at Varfix use proactive formulas to analyze the human tone and intent behind simple sentiment analysis.

Entity Recognition

Entity recognition identifies numerous entities in text and classifies them into a predefined class. It classifies relevant information from a stack of unstructured data that reveals useful knowledge for the businesses. Varfix experts manage the raw data into a separate category that sorts out relevant and accurate information only.

Text Categorization

Text categorization is a unique technique to label natural language texts in appropriate categories extracted from a predefined set. Varfix uses machine learning algorithms to extract generic tags from the unstructured data. We simplify the complexity of an article or detect spam in the emails using the text categorization technique.

Extract Data from PDF

By using an AI-driven natural language processing system, Varfix builds an optical character recognition model that aims in improving the intellectual ability of humans. We extract factual information, categorize the content, and analyze sentiments from PDF files using professional NLP techniques..

Our systematic process



During the preprocessing phase, our experts gather structured or unstructured data and distribute it evenly into relevant categories.

Data Evaluation

In the data evaluation phase, the data is processed to gain factual information by removing unwanted information for effective results.

Data Insight

The specialized NLP experts extract crucial information for organizations with the right intent and entity recognition.


After gathering the data insight, the information is transformed into a meaningful format with evocative information sent for sentiment analysis.

we cater

We are a digital transforming company helping organizations in streamlining their businesses with powerful AI solutions. Varfix is catering to multiple businesses in the vertical, providing them with robust solutions to survive in the saturated market.

Our commitment & guarantee

Varfix is providing full-cycle services and solutions on the Natural Language Processing platform. This reflects our strong grip on advanced mechanisms and competencies that is changing the horizon for businesses across multiple verticals.

Custom Development

Our NLP experts design a highly performing customized product and application development platform that creates a balance between quality, cost, and security.

Application Enhancement

Using the latest NLP and AI framework, we are continuously enhancing and upgrading the services for the betterment of the businesses.

Cost Management

Our affordable and cost-reducing solutions are helping businesses to effectively dig in their past unstructured data to move forward.

Quality Check

We believe in quality and standard hence our services involve thorough precise testing and detailed analysis pre and post-release.

Application Maintenance & Support

Varfix experts provide continuous maintenance and support to ensure best practices being used with the latest tools and solutions.

Accelerated Progress

Our proven technology expertise ensures that a robust NLP platform is designed that can accelerate the success of the business without compromise.

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