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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovative concept of the interconnection of digital devices by the means of the internet. It adds phenomenal value to businesses by minimizing human-to-machine and human-to-human interaction. IoT links devices such as sensors, processors, vehicles, machines, etc. through Wi-Fi, NFC, BLE, etc. helping in the collection of shared data conveniently.

Varfix helps businesses all over the world to bind their processes for intellectual customer services while offering inventive end-to-end vertical solutions.

Services setting us apart

Varfix offers a complete range of IoT services providing unswerving and cost-effective solutions for multiple organizations. Our portfolio ranges from embedded connectivity solutions to numerous inclusive platforms that are supported by AI-based analytics. Our customized IoT solutions allow businesses to manage their operations efficiently with visible integration across all the departments.

Strategic IoT Consultation

The business analysts and software architects at the Varfix assist in reshaping digital strategy while helping in effective capitalization on the IoT. We provide support in technology stack selection and strategy designing of IoT architecture and cybersecurity. Our robust data insight and consultation guides businesses in streaming revenues efficiently.

IoT Solution Development

Covering all the crucial stages of your digital transformation, we speed up the whole process of data management while effectively managing the workflow of the business. Varfix developers ensure customized, secure, and operational solutions that increase the competency of the process with convalesce performance.

Enhancement of IoT Software

IoT experts develop and program a resilient application that can securely handle complex data algorithms with a user-friendly interface. Our custom software solutions help businesses in meeting their goals and objectives with a synchronized network allowing the operations to run smoothly.

Development of IoT Module

The innovative and flexible wireless network is able to connect multiple devices across the globe instantly. Varfix being an ingenious IoT solution provider creates customized modules with multiple features and enhanced security levels. Our specialized staff assists businesses in collecting and transmitting data with a genuine solution.

Comprehensive IoT Analytics

With Varfix, unleash the full potential of the concurrent data through our comprehensive AI skill set that generates actionable acumens with reliable predictions. With our enterprise-level analytics tool, we provide meaningful insights and management solutions to businesses. We assist in gaining complete access to the web interface that handles technical crises effectively.

IoT Integration

To maximize the worth of the IoT initiative designed for businesses, we ensure a robust software platform that is compatible with their existing infrastructure. We integrate multiple devices as well as applications ensuring a complete and collaborative end-to-end connected system.

Devices & Sensor Connectivity

Experts at Varfix employ groundbreaking technologies to help connect devices seamlessly with enhanced user experience. The IoT designed by us serves as a bridge amidst multiple devices and platforms such as:



Big Data


Back end

Front end

Sensor Data Screaming

we cater

We are a digital transforming company helping organizations in streamlining their businesses with powerful AI solutions. Varfix is catering to multiple businesses in the vertical, providing them with robust solutions to survive in the saturated market.

Our commitment & guarantee

In the US, 87% of businesses are already enjoying the potential of IoT, harnessing its power in their decision-making and revenue generation process. It is time for you too to step up your game and conquer the market.In the US, 87% of businesses are already enjoying the potential of IoT, harnessing its power in their decision-making and revenue generation process. It is time for you too to step up your game and conquer the market.

Exceptional IoT Solutions

With top IoT experts at Varfix, we provide premium solutions that simplify, manage, and connect smart digital devices across all platforms.

Scalable Ecosystem

With our IoT centralized ecosystem, businesses can lower their overhead cost, resolve scalability issues, and secure the system from cyberattacks.

Competitive UI/UX Design

Varfix experts are fully aware of the engineering process and align developers to create customized state-of-the-art UI and UX designs for the IoT devices.

Cloud Based IoT Infrastructure

Developers at Varfix provide custom platforms, applications as well as solutions that incorporate the intellectual usability and data analytics through cloud services.

Agile Development

sing knowledge and expertise, our developers use a flexible approach in order to maintain an agile development process.

Cross-Industry Domain Knowledge

With a proven record of delivering successful projects to leading tech visionaries, Varfix fully unleashes the power of IoT solutions that drive businesses forward.

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