Nine Exciting Examples of Chatbot Services From Ecommerce, Medical, and RolePlay

Computers will have human-level interaction by 2029, says Ray Kurzweil. The increasing number of companies using chatbot services on their social media pages or websites also proves that meaningful conversations with AI are not so far. This number of chatbots is exponentially increasing with every passing year. 

According to a PwC report, 27% of the humans interacting with chatbots were unable to tell if a human or computer was responding to them. Still, several businesses lack awareness about the business use of chatbots.  

To elaborate on the benefits of chatbot services, we will examine five remarkable examples of great chatbots adding value to the platforms. If you are looking to incorporate the chatbot services in your brand, you must get a glimpse of the appearance of multi-brand online shopping assistants of the future. Also, we will look at two examples of chatbots working in the medical industry, as well as one hilarious roleplay example. 

Advantages of Chatbots in Ecommerce in Three Phases of Customer Journey 

Not only do chatbots help customers and employees save a lot of time, but they also increase the revenue without increasing the costs. 

Placing Order

The first e-commerce use case is probably to place orders online. Sometimes, buyers do not have any specific product in mind at this stage. Sometimes users are just looking around, and in such situations involving an assistant can be very helpful. With the help of an intelligently designed quiz, the chatbot will present them with suitable offers.

Return Procedure

Not every time buyers are satisfied with what they bought. Let us talk about this next use case, which we can call the return procedure. The dress could be too short, for example. 

Chatbots can deal with such customers without the aid of any human representative. Well, an optimized return procedure can save time by eliminating the factor of long waiting on the counters.  

Money Refund Problems

Then comes the next stage. Money is still not in the account, though the customer has returned the order. They may navigate to the FAQ page, but it could be complex enough to retrieve the required information shortly. The worst would be when that frustration reflects in the review they leave. 

Brands must invest some time in these three things. 

  1. Brainstorm about how to make the lives of customers easy.
  2. Satisfy them with the products.
  3. Minimize the probability of negative reviews. 

Chatbots save the time of navigating through the website. No more browsing through the giant wall of text. A little window of the chatbot is there to extract the required information on demand. 

Inspiring Chatbot Services Examples

Hire reputable chatbot services to help your business operations. It has a lot of positive impacts on the customer experience. Now lets us take a closer look at how brands are using chatbots to provide their customers with a great user experience and easy interaction. 

Of course, e-commerce is not the only discipline where chatbots demonstrate their power. We will also inspect some examples from the medical industry and one shockingly impressive example from roleplay. 

Ecommerce Examples

  • Sephora

Generation Z is a primary consumer of chatbots, and reaching them out should be the top priority of any eCommerce store. Email is one of the outdated methods for this generation. They are willing to have open chat messages that notifications push out. 

The diversity of products may overwhelm the visitors of Sephora. But before they exit, Chatbot of Sephora will enter the picture. It operates on KiK, which is the most famous messaging app among teenagers. The best plus is the broad range of assortment. 

Deborah Yeh, SVP marketing and brand at Sephora, expresses her opinion in these words.

“We were able to engage in real-time with our Gen Z customers, helping her learn, get inspired, and play with beauty, for an important moment… With Kik, we are able to participate in her social and mobile experience in a way that’s natural and useful”.   

  • Lead Generation Chatbot – Toyota

In collaboration with Sanuker, Toyota’s Hong Kong branch has done something out of the box. They created a chatbot that played a remarkable role in the marketing campaign of the new vehicle Toyota Sienta. Sanuker is a company that provides consultancy and development services on chatbots and messaging applications.

The name of Sanuker’s chatbot solution that Toyota uses is Stella. During a pleasant chat conversation, it recorded the preferences of her interlocutor. Based on data collected by the bot, it assigned different sales team members to different users on the live chat. The conversations eventually led to actions such as brochure inquiries or scheduling test drives.

Results were spectacular. The Toyota Sienta campaign chatbot reached up to 10% CTR. The average for Hong Kong is merely 0.6%. Half of the users who completed the quiz with the bot showed interest in booking offline test drives. 

Due to impressive success in accomplishing goals, Toyota Hong-Kong continues cooperation with Sanuker. The hybrid combination of the sales team and chatbot delivered quality results. That is why the collaboration between both companies goes on. Together they strive to develop sound strategies to improve user conversion by harnessing the power of chatbot services. 

  • Trip Planning Chatbot – Snaptravel

Trip planning is a hectic and time-consuming activity. You start searching, and after a while, you feel drowned in the plethora of options. A lot of hotel and plan offers are available on different websites. 

Snaptravel has come up with a solution capable of simplifying the procedure. Their chatbot, which is available on Whatsapp as well as Messenger, helps you find the relevant holiday offers that seem to be tailor-made for you. 

Based on data provided by the user, it will search for hundreds of offers. The input data could be a budget, city, or any other personal references. It will bring you offers that are suitable for you. The entire procedure is accurate, short, and straightforward. 

Modern consumers would do anything to save time. Simplification at every step of life is their utmost priority. In this scenario, snaptravel is the perfect solution. Rather than postponing travel planning for some extra free time, they only have to input some phrases and find suitable options. 

Hence, snaptravel is one of the ideal solutions either you are buying chatbot services from someone or want to come up with your own. The level of simplicity and convenience can be set as the standard, as some people reported finding perfect accommodation within 20 seconds in metropolitan cities.  

  •  Personal Electronics Shopping Assistant – Nexc

The chatbot is an expert in the subject of electronics shopping, as the name depicts. Although it is at the development stage currently, it has the potential to revolutionize the online shopping world and expand its horizons to unimaginable levels.  

The primary goal is to ensure that your online shopping experience is simple, quick, and convenient. Nexc makes a comparison between different offers super smooth. It coordinates with you in total natural language throughout the process and makes sure you find what you want. 

For this purpose, it analyzes the parameters ranging from personal human experience to technical specifications. Analyzing this data, Nexc makes decisions. 

For instance, you need an eBook, Laptop, TV, or any other electronics. Consult Nexc, and it will make you go through a series of questions. You may have to talk about your preferred operating system, usage pattern, screen resolution, storage size, and budget in case you need a laptop. 

  • Comprehensive Shopping Assistant Chatbot –

Masha.Ai is a chatbot at a startup phase. To know what chatbots will look like in the future, you have to try this one. Working with almost 600 international brands, it paints a vivid picture of the near future. Some of these brands are Nike, ASOS, Under Armour, and Swarovski. Consultancy within 50 product categories is a pretty impressive feature of chatbot.  
Initially, the purpose was to help consumers make the right choices. Now it also helps in order placing. Watch notifications about new products from brands without leaving the chat window. 

Time is an integral part of the world and our lives. The goal of Masha is to shorten the time that it takes for users to complete the shopping procedure. So says the CEO and founder of, Frederik Van Lierde. 

The chatbot is unique because the needs of customers drive it and not potential profits. Zero manipulative and completely honest positioning of brands is the quality of Masha. 

Following are his further statements. 

“We are probably the first Chatbot Only eCommerce solution where 583 international brands signed up and many local businesses. Bringing them all in 1 place. Like a shopping mall.” 

Examples from Health & Medical

Chatbots are not all about travel and shopping. Here are some magnificent examples of non eCommerce chatbots. In other words, they have nothing to do with the fashion and beauty world. 

  •  Friend Offering Solace for Insomnia – Casper

The suffocating loneliness known as Insomnia is perhaps one of the most painful things in the world. What could be worse than your mind bugging you with incidents that happened years ago, whereas the rest of the world enjoys peaceful sleep. 

Casper’s stunning chatbot, ‘Insomnobot 3000’ is a great conversational agent to make the patients comfortable by giving them some company. 

However, Insomnobot 3000 sometimes makes mistakes and reveals its identity as a robot. Yet looking at the pace at which technology is flourishing, we can expect it to perform to its fullest potential in a couple of next years. 

  • Dementia Companion – Endurance

The patients of illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot properly engage in daily human conversations. Unbearable agony is the shame and frustration that is the clear-cut outcome of routine family interaction becoming a challenge. To provide a helping hand, Russian company Endurance has made a chatbot named after the company. 

Alzheimer’s patients also suffer from short term memory loss. So Endurance intends to recognize the deviations in the conversations. It will help indicate the problems with immediate recollection. 

As it is a cloud-based solution, physicians and families can see the communication logs taken from the bot. Hence, detecting the potential degradation of memory function becomes easy. 

Endurance is an open-source project in the early stages. It has the power to help researchers and scientists understand the conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. 

Roleplay Example

  • Talk to Albert Einstein

No, this is not some Hollywood movie whose actors interact with the renowned scientist of the 20th century. Also, it is not some absurd post on social media declaring Albert Einstein is still alive. 

It is the project of National Geographic to help promote their new show with the name Genius. They have created a chatbot that talks like Albert Einstein. 

Buy/Build Chatbot Services

We hope that these profound examples inspired you to get chatbot services for your own business. Chatbots are the reality of modern business, and adapting to it is the requirement of 2021 trading. You may not certainly need any extra specialized or advanced chatbot from the very beginning. Starting from something simple is not at all an unwise strategy. 

While you can look for the best chatbot services in your area, it is also possible to build them using designated tools. One of the examples is Mobile Monkey. 

Chatbots are not all about increasing the revenue of your business. They take over the recurring tasks and let your team members and consultants save time. They can put their efforts in other business areas. Chatbot keeps on selling and serving 24/7 during the nights and public holidays.

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