Advantages, Risks, and Use Cases of Chatbots in Health Care

More than 40% of healthcare executives think that AI will change the health industry profoundly in the next three years, according to an Accenture report. Already several types of Artificial Intelligence, for example, predictive analysis and machine learning are addressing different medical problems. Chatbot services are one of the swiftly progressing areas. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and Healthcare […]

Nine Exciting Examples of Chatbot Services From Ecommerce, Medical, and RolePlay

Computers will have human-level interaction by 2029, says Ray Kurzweil. The increasing number of companies using chatbot services on their social media pages or websites also proves that meaningful conversations with AI are not so far. This number of chatbots is exponentially increasing with every passing year.  According to a PwC report, 27% of the […]

Why Chatbots are the Future of E-Commerce Business?

What is the meaning of the word Bot? If it were 1993, you would start thinking about pop culture robots from the science fiction movies of the 1980s and 1990s. However, today this word represents something different and alien to the 1980s mind. Chatbot services sound crucial to online retailers now.  By 2024, the global […]

How does AI Chatbot add value to the Customer Service?

The success of a business heavily depends on its customer relationship strategy. If an enterprise needs to be successful in 2021, it will make zero compromises on the client experience. No lower than ultra-high level is acceptable. Moreover, the evident change preceded by dynamic technologies also influences customer loyalty. Businesses must adapt to the trends […]