9 Innovative Chatbots for Seamless Interactions

Chatbots became extraordinarily popular in recent years. You can love or hate them but chatbots are here to stay! Within the business aspect, innovative chatbots are extremely helpful in creating a robust brand image and provide the simplest possible customer service. With the quantum leap in technology and machine learning, chatbots became dynamic to do automating mundane tasks. As time goes on, chatbots will still evolve, and eventually perform a central role altogether in different industries. Acknowledging the importance of AI chatbots, companies have started using chatbot services, their use-cases have grown to a larger extent and are getting used creatively around the globe.

Future of Customer Services

Chatbots are also referred to as conversational agents as they are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the needs of simulating a conversation or interaction with a human. There are two primary ways chatbots are serving: via web-based applications or standalone apps. Today, chatbots are used most ordinarily within the customer service space, assuming roles traditionally performed by a human, like support agents, and customer services representatives..

Hipmunk Chatbots

If you’re someone who travels often, there’s a really good chance that you simply could be conversant in Hipmunk’s Hello Chatbot. It is often considered one of the simplest AI Chatbots. From booking hotels, flights, rental cars to travel packages, you’ll believe this chatbot for all the bookings necessary for your travel plans. This chatbot can assist you via mobile app, the Facebook messenger also as skype.

Insomnia ChatBot

No matter how tired you’re, there are some nights where falling asleep seems the toughest thing to try. Such times cause you to realize that insomnia is real and because the clock strikes past 11 pm, loneliness starts to kick in too. As an answer to the present problem, Casper designed a bot named Insomnobot for your company. What more is, this messenger bot is exclusively available from 11 pm to five am.

Wait, before you judge it saying that there could be tons of advertisements selling mattresses and pillows, this chatbot is so clever that it only brings it up occasionally. which is one of the explanations why it made it to our greatest 5 chatbots.

Visual Chatbot

Visual Dialog may be a visual chatbot that’s ready to interpret images. The chatbot uses computer vision and neural network technologies. Users upload images through the chatbox. In turn, the Visual Dialog chatbot responds with an outline of the image.

Visual chatbots are useful in eCommerce. E.g., some brands enable their customers to send pictures of the merchandise they’re trying to find. The chatbot also can offer recommendations that support the image it receives. Computer vision remains far away from being perfect, though. That’s why visual bots aren’t commonly used. But they’re interesting chatbot examples anyway.

The Visual Dialog chatbot will send a message describing what’s within the picture. Fooling around with Visual Dialog is often very entertaining and addictive, given the pictures are attractive and may grasp attention. Image recognition features are sometimes utilized in e-commerce chatbots also. Visual chatbots from popular brands, like Nike, can use pictures crazy your smartphone to seek out products and even offer customization options.

Child Chatbot

Children indeed have the power to soak up information at an outstanding rate. If you provide a PS Vita to a nine-year-old, they’re likely going to be ready to explain the way to use it to an adult faster than the adult will pick it up themselves. As a tool for children’s education, chatbots have the potential to excel. Technology doesn’t need to drive a wedge between parents and youngsters. If your child is using Facebook or Instagram, Ooty may be a bot which will act as a guide for internet safety, and it’s a useful gizmo for folks who don’t want to be invading their children’s space but want reassurance that they will be safely left to their own devices.

Endurance Chatbot

Designed to assist Alzheimer’s patients to feel less lonely, Endurance is one of the foremost helpful chatbots for older individuals that suffer from STM loss and dementia. This open-source chatbot was created to spot deviations in conventional branches that would mean problems for immediate recollection, which may be quite the challenge for tongue processing systems.

Anyone can contribute to the project’s code-base. Though it isn’t fully full-clad yet, it could potentially provide researchers and scientists more insight into how amnesia works, and the way it is often helped. Since the platform is predicated on the cloud, doctors and relations can review communication logs instantly. This helps identify potential degradation in STM. Further, it takes the burden off relations to constantly be available as a companion.

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease struggle with STM loss. As such, the chatbot aims to spot deviations in conversational branches which will indicate a drag with immediate recollection – quite an ambitious technical challenge for an NLP-based system. In addition, since the chatbot may be a cloud-based solution, physicians and relations can review communication logs taken from the bot to spot potential degradation of memory function and communicative obstacles that would signify deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Don’t pay Chatbot

Worried about the way to win small claims without hiring a lawyer? Don’t pay Chatbot is here for your rescue which too for free of charge! Believing the social media reviews, Don’t pay is one of the simplest chatbots of its kind. Though the web site remains limited to only parking tickets appeal, its mobile application is empowering to settle other legal matters. And also to not forget, it’s the primary robot lawyer. Though the website remains limited to only parking tickets appeal, its mobile application is empowering to settle other legal matters.

Conversation Chatbot

In simple terms, humans, when they’re talking, they alternate. One person speaks, tells some story, or asks an issue, then, the opposite person follows. There is (usually) some sequence, spontaneity, and intent within the conversation. Talking to a chatbot is sort of similar. The important difference is that the human selects what they need the chatbot to speak about. Therefore the key to making an honest chatbot conversation is to know the business process.

In other words, when writing a script for your chatbot, you would like to think about:

When does one want the chatbot to activate? What is the goal of the chatbot?

Example:  Is it to answer some questions? Or to assist your visitor find some product?

What are possible questions and answers will the chatbot have to cover to satisfy the goal?

Narration must have a start and end. It must lead your customer from point A to point B and cover possible dead-ends. The simple flowchart below illustrates an easy chatbot conversation script. Blue bubbles represent the choices the visitor may choose.

NBC Chatbot

These days, checking the headlines over morning coffee is common. But unfortunately, even the foremost diligent newshounds may find it difficult to differentiate the signal from the noise, which is why NBC launched its NBC Politics Bot on Facebook Messenger shortly before the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

U-Report Chatbot

U-Report may be a bot on the Facebook messenger app that allows you to talk about children rights and other development issues. This chatbot can send alerts within the form of direct messages to the members and gather real-time responses and map it on the website. Though the functions of these chatbots are very limited, the impacts made by this bot were spectacular. It currently has a lot of registered members and together they need to speak up about the problems that they’re facing and the way it is often solved.


It’s to conclude that AI chatbots are necessary for every person in modern life. You don’t have to be more dependent on the people in order to get your all work done. These AI chatbots are necessary for everyone in one way or the other. Chatbots can be added to tons of various business sectors and meet many customer needs. Help goes both ways, one way they assist entrepreneurs to save a lot of time and improve their business, while another way they help customers by assisting them instantly round-the-clock. No matter what business you run and what your customers need, you’ll find an appropriate chatbot. If you are looking for a reliable partner for chatbot development services, Varfix is here to help you.

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